Monday, 16 July 2012

Pygmy Pachyderms article from Fortean Times, CFZ "Weird Weekend" talks on pygmy elephants

My report on my trip to Kerala, India to investigate reports of alleged "kallana" pygmy elephants is here... (April 2011)

My talk on the "kallana" expedition from CFZ's Weird Weekend is here... (video, September 2011)

My earlier talk on pygmy elephants, from another CFZ Weird Weekend is here... (October 2008)

Pygmy Pachyderms - my article first published in Fortean Times is here... (October 2009)

Backstage at the Natural History Museum, London - the Bate Collection of Mediterranean pygmy elephant fossils, report here... (May 2007)

Evolution of Island Mammals review from Fortean Times, includes fossil pygmy elephants, co-author Georgios Lyras helped with the Pygmy Elephants book, read the review here... (January 2011)

Much more in the Pygmy Elephants book, due out in time for Christmas.

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