Friday, 28 February 2014

Pygmy Elephants book event, Saturday 5 April, Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel

I've just had confirmation that there's a Pygmy Elephants event - nibbles and possibly drinkies too if I'm not too skint by then - and a "reading" or two from the book - at Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84B Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX.

Nearest Tube is Aldgate East ("Whitechapel Art Gallery" exit or Whitechapel Tube, which is also on the London Overground but a longer walk.) Do NOT, repeat NOT get out at Aldgate, go to Aldgate East. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

The event is on Saturday 5 April and starts at 3pm and we need to be out of the building before 6pm. Any last minute info on arrangements will be on the Pygmy Elephants Twitter feed.

In Whitechapel High Street, look for the Kentucky Fried Chicken on the north side, Angel Alley is the nearest alley to that. There'll be a "FREEDOM" sandwich board in the street pointing to the alley if the shop's open.

Freedom's been at or around the site for so long that they threw Count Peter Kropotkin out of their collective for supporting World War One. As I work locally, I frequently while away bits of my lunch hour there.

Freedom's "Legal Andy" suggested the event, which somewhat surprised me, as Freedom is an anarchist bookshop and despite a lot of head-scratching I couldn't find anything by way of anarchist perspective in Pygmy Elephants. If you can suggest one in time for the event, I'd appreciate it!

Meanwhile, you can buy Pygmy Elephants at Freedom for actual cash from an actual human being (possibly "Legal Andy" himself), without having to go online!

There will be a brief report on the Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green, "Pygmy Elephants" book launch soon.

Here's a diagram of how to find Angel Alley:

There's more detail on how to find Angel Alley on the Freedom Bookshop website.

Pub afterwards
If you want to join me in the pub afterwards, I have a train to catch at Liverpool Street, about a quarter of an hour's walk away, so you'll have to accompany me in a brisk jog to the Hamilton Hall pub, at the Bishopsgate Entrance to Liverpool Street Station, for a drink while I watch the pub's dedicated digital train departures board. The recently restored ceiling of the pub, the former ballroom of the Great Eastern Hotel, is a wonder to behold, and recalls the most decadent glories of the Belgian Empire. As my brother said, "Last time I was here it was to sign a treaty."

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