Monday, 20 January 2014

Now available in the USA - and Italy

An actual physical copy of Pygmy Elephants, which I held briefly in my hand before posting it out to be reviewed.

As of 20 January, only had two copies of Pygmy Elephants left ("more on the way") and after rising and dipping somewhere between the top 140,000 and 180,000 it's now somewhere around the top 500,000 bestsellers on Amazon. Pygmy Elephants briefly enjoyed fame of a sort in the Amazon top 50 for "Wild Animals - Mammals".

Pygmy Elephants in the US only made the top 1.3 million, where it's yours for $18.89 including postage ("shipping"), but it may take between two and three weeks to arrive. Better hurry up and buy it if you're hesitating, as the price rose briefly last week, possibly due to exchange rate fluctuations. I have no control over the cover price. Someone based in Ontario, Canada, also seems to be selling it on Amazon.

In answer to your next question, CFZ Press told me they've recently sorted out "all platforms" so yes, the book will eventually be on sale on platforms other than Amazon. They are a small press with limited resources, so this will take some time. (They also assure me the book will be on their website soon. Problems with the internet connection in the 200-year-old house where the CFZ Press is based in rural North Devon have led to delays.)

Meanwhile, for the hardcore Amazon objectors, I will before long have a very limited number to sell direct you to at a slight discount (after postage), but only if you're in the UK. Contact me on

I am also assured that at least one actual physical shop will be stocking Pygmy Elephants, to sell to you directly for cash - the gift shop of The Butterfly Farm near Stratford-on-Avon

For followers of this blog, the ISBN of the published book is different from the one I was given pre-publication. It's now ISBN 978-1-909488-15-1. (I've corrected the now incorrect ISBN given earlier.)

Pygmy Elephants is also available from IBS in Italy, yours for €17.94 (includes postage to Italy).

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