Monday, 20 January 2014

Sneak peeks at some of the 153 illustrations in Pygmy Elephants

Pygmy Elephants has a total of 153 illustrations, of which are 89 photos and are 53 are drawings by myself. I stumbled across a pen and ink black and white "nature notebook" style with handwritten captions by accident, which the publisher felt was good enough to keep.

Shown above is my drawing of an articulated skeleton of three-foot Mediterranean fossil pygmy elephant Elephas falconeri. Below are links to other drawings for the book. You'll have to buy the book to see the rest!

giant sengi, Elephas mniadriensis (they're below some photos from the book.)

Draft of a fossil pygmy elephant identification chart, inspired by those World War Two "aircraft identification charts" with the silhouettes. The chart in the book has captions.

Elephas antiquus life reconstruction

Elephas falconeri life reconstruction

Elephantalus (elephant shrew) gaffs

Mainland giant and pygmy elephant teeth size comparisons, elephant nain du Gabon.

All images copyright Matt Salusbury

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